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do you think you could do a preference when tries to stop you from running away from a fight


umm, I didn’t quite get this request..can someone explain it or…? thanks!

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~Request: He comforts you after you got your heart broken 

Harry: "Another tissue?" - Harry asks in a low voice while holding his hand on your shoulder, trying to make you understand that he was next by you. Since you had arrived at your flat, you cried the whole time. Your two year boyfriend just dumped you over some stupid reason. No, you didn’t call Harry to come over your place. He just came to visit you since he was around and thats how he ended up giving you tissues. "I just..want to make this pain disappear. I don’t want t-t-to cry anymore. B-But as hard as I am trying, I just..can’t" - you mumble after taking another tissuse and wiping your tears away. Harry rests his hand gently over your head and brings you closer to his chest. "Shh, it is ok. Go ahead and cry. Cry all night long if it is going to make you feel better. I’ll be standing right here with you, because you aren’t alone and you will never be" - he whispers and kisses your head. After that there were no more words between you two, just your sobs and sometimes Harry’s "everything is going to be ok". He was caressing your hair, trying to make you calm down and slowly, without realizing, you falled asleep into his arms and when you woke up in the morning you found yourself still in Harry’s lap, his hand still on your head. 

Liam: The perfect day turned into the worst for you. You were running down the street to arrive home faster because you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Your boyfriend just dumped you and all the memories,the kisses, the laughs and the jokes were making a mess into your head. You couldn’t belive it was all over. That he wasn’t loving you anymore. As you were running, you accidentaly bumped into someone. Before apologizing you cleaned your tears away and with puffy eyes you faced the person you bumped in. “(Y/N)? Did something happen to you?”. In front of you was Liam, your friend. You shook your head as a no, and tried to walk away from him since you didn’t want to worry anyone with your problems. They were your problems and you had to face them alone. “Don’t lie to me. You’re not ok” - Liam says, his hands gently touching your shoulders. His eyes were filled with worry and you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You burried his head into his chest, hugging him tightly. Tears started running down your cheeks and you were sobbing into his shirt. “H-h-he dumped me, Liam. DUMPED ME!” - you practically yell, your head still burried into his chest. One of his hands started caressing your back as the other one was placed on your head, trying to calm you down. “His lost. You’re going to be fine, (Y/N). Believe me, you are going to be all right no matter what. I’ll always be on your side” - Liam whispers into your ear, his voice sending shivers down your spine.

Louis: "Is this a joke?" - Louis asks you, his face being frozen. You shake your head and look at your toes since you couldn’t look into his eyes. You knew that you were going to start crying and he never saw you crying. Louis has always seen you as the strongest person, so crying in front of him wasn’t make you so brave. "No, I am not joking. He…really dumped me tonight. And now, it is like..for real" - you mumble, trying to hold back your tears that were fighting to make their presence. Louis’ face was still emotionless, still shocked from the news you gave him. The relationship that you had with your ex boyfriend now, seemed like it was never going to end because you two were getting along really well. But perfection doesn’t exist. "How are you feeling?" - Louis asks while setting himself on the sofa next by you. Before you could say anything he took your hand into his, and started caressing it. "Bad. I mean.. I can’t throw away that fast the relationship I had with him. But I need to. I have to" - you say, swallowing hard after that since some tears were really stubborn. Louis felt that, so he took and the other hand into his, and because of that your puffy red eyes were facing him. "Let them out. You’ll feel better than holding them only for you. Let me help you get through this. I can’t stand watching you fighting it all by yourself" - he says and brings you closer to him and as your face touches the fabric of his hoodie, you let all your tears pour over your cheeks. 

Niall: Tonight you had to spend the night with your best friend. It was planned since weeks ago and he was waiting for you in the living room, the movie paused and the popcorn still hot. But you didn’t know how you were going to face him. Niall didn’t know the fact that you just got dumped via a text message. You were in the bathroom, facing the text message that you have just received. And it was from your boyfriend (ex boyfriend now). Those were his words, his feelings. But what hurted the most was the fact that he didn’t feel the same way you felt about him. You heard Niall calling you from the living room so you wiped away your tears, took a fast look in the mirror and noticed that your eyes weren’t that puffy and red. “Yeah, Niall?” - you ask him while sitting next by him. “So, I was thinking that maybe we -” Niall takes his eyes from your laptop and when he meets your look, he stops talking. “Have you been crying in the bathroom?” - he asks, pointing at your eyes. “No, I wasn’t. I am fine” - you mumble, trying not to face him. “Your voice is shaking, your nose is red and your eyes are puffy. You sure aren’t fine” - he protests, leaving your laptop on your coffee table so he could come closer to you. “Wanna talk about it?” - he adds. You take a look at him and give in. “I..I don’t know what I should do next.. he..he..he just dumped me over a text message, Niall. A text!” - you shout, giving him the cellphone to take a look at it. After he finished reading, his eyes were filled with sadness and that night all that you did was to stay into his arms, Niall making sure you’ll fall asleep with a smile on and giving you some hope for the future. 

Zayn: You stormed into your flat and then jumped into your bed. It was like your life turned into a living hell. This week was the worst for you. School was driving you insane, you had some fights with your brother/sister/friend (choose) and now your boyfriend just dumped you. You just couldn’t take it anymore. There were just too many going around and you were just only one person. One person to endure them all! With you face burried into your pillow, tears started running down your cheeks and only your low sobs were filling the room. From the night stand you heard your phone vibrating but you ignored it. What was the meaning to answer it? To get into another fight? To get mad at someone else? You had enough. Even that you tried ignoring your phone, the vibrating was making you go insane so you answered it. “Finally, you picked up” - Zayn’s sweet voice shouted from the other side. “Yeah” - you replied with a low and weak voice unlike his. “Did something happen?” - you questioned him. “Actually, did something happen, (Y/N)? I can hear it from your voice that you had been crying…” - he says, his voice getting lower and lower. “Uhm, no, not really. Just that this week was really a mess for me. School is getting horrible, had a fight with my sister/brother/friend and now my boyfriend just dumped me” - you inform him. The silence took part at your conversation for a few seconds, but after that you heard Zayn’s sigh and then his voice caressed you ear. “That jerk, how could he do something like this to you? After all the things that happened to you two, after how happy you were together. Damn it, he is such an idiot. I’ll be at your place in ten minutes, I can’t leave you like this” - Zayn says and without letting you the oportunity to protest he hangs up. A few more minutes after that you hear the doorbell ring, and as you open it you find a worried Zayn standing in front of you. When his eyes met yours, your watery eyes, he wrapped his arms around you, giving you a big warm hug, letting you know that he was next by you. 

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~Request: You’re on your period 

Harry: The cramps were killing you and this month was really different than the others. There were times when you couldn’t accept anyone around you and the only thing that you were eating was ice cream and chocolate. One day, Harry comes to your flat, and since he hasn’t seen you in a while, he brings a little cute present. “A cat?” - you mumble under the sheets, too lazy to get out of bed. “Yeah” - he whispers. “I mean, you like them and I know that you aren’t feeling really good lately so..”. Then you realised how much he cares for you. How much he knows about you. “You know about my..” - you mutter but he doesn’t let you finish. “Yes, and I understand if you don’t want me around right now. The little cat maybe can replace me for a few days” - he says before kissing your forehead and living you alone into your room. Yes, maybe the cat helped you a little bit not to tell him to come over your place, but as soon as your period was over, all day long it was only you, Harry, and your cat. 

Liam: Laying on the couch while switching the TV channel became the only thing you have been doing lately and you knew why. Your period was approaching and it was driving you insane. You hated that time of the month. It was horrible for you and it was turning you into a whole different person. In the first day on your period, Liam comes over your flat and when he sees you again on your couch, he gets worried. “Is everything alright with you, (Y/N)?” - he mumbles while setting himself in front of you. “Yeah, everything is fine. I just want to watch TV” -  you mumble before telling him to move away. He does as you say, but settles himself next to you on the sofa. He gently starts stroking your hair, wanting to make you feel loved and safe. “You sure everything is alright? Lately you’ve been pretty down..” - he mumbles. In your head you knew he was only kind to you and that he loved you but…monthly problems. Because of that  even his touch was irritating you so you took his hand away from your hair. “I said everything is alright! No need to worry, Liam!” - you shouted. When you took a loot at him his eyes were big and as you realised what you just did so you reached for his hand. “I am sorry, babe. Is just that I have my monthly problems and I get irritated really fast” - you mumble and he smiles at you. “It is ok, sweetheart. I understand you” - he whispers before pecking your lips and bringing you some ice cream to make you feel better.

Louis: You were walking all around the house because of the pain. You tried to stay on the bed, into a fetal position but it didn’t work. It made the pain grow bigger. Walking was the best for you. “Are you walking since I left?” - Louis asks while entering the flat that you were sharing. Before nodding your head, you settled yourself on the kitchen chair and Louis followed you. “Is it that bad?” - he whispered, his eyes filled with concern. “It is” - you mumble. Louis’ hand finds yours and he gently kisses it. “I hate it when you’re feeling bad and I cannot do anything about it. It makes me feel useless” - he says. “Louis, right now you are helping me loads just by staying right next to me” - you giggle and slowly caress his hand. “And at least I am not pregnant” - you tell and wink at him. Louis giggles and then another smile rises on his face. “Yeah, but there’s another good thing happening around”. “What do you mean?” - you ask totally confused. “You wobbling around like a little penguin” - he laughs and gets up from the chair, imitating your walking. His ass was moving like crazy, and as he was walking you couldn’t stop your laughing.

Niall: You didn’t want anyone to invade your private space. You knew that you’ll become angry at that person and probably start a fight. So it was better for you to stay alone in your room, laying into a fetal position in your bed. You heard a soft knocking at your door and so you growl into your pillow. “Go away!” - you shout, now with your head under your pillow. “But (Y/N), I cannot leave you alone! I don’t want to” - Niall shouts before another knock. “No! I’ll get angry and we will fight over some stupid thing and I don’t want that to happen! Leave, Niall” - you protested while uncovering your head and taking a look at the door from your bedroom. “I promise we won’t fight, baby. Please, can I get in?”. You mumble a low yes but surprisingly Niall heard it and he enteredthe room holding a bag full with fruits and sweets. He settles on the side of your bed, and he kisses your forehead. “I cannot leave you alone when you are struggling with this pain. I want to be next by you no matter what” - he whispers. His hand was now touching your cheek and it was the best feeling ever. You felt protected and loved and this is want you needed at that moment. You noded at him and after a few minutes you were both laying into your bed, Niall feeding you and making the pain go away.

Zayn: "Oh my God, Zayn! Not again!" - you shout from your bedroom which was totally a mess. Zayn’s clothes were everywhere and his cosmetics were frantically discarded all over the room. It was driving you crazy when he did this but even though you knew why this was happening, this time you couldn’t accept it anymore. You started wobbling around the room, trying to clean the mess he made but sometimes the pain got you groaning. The fact that you were on your period and Zayn did something  like this, wasn’t helping you. While you were folding one of his shirtrs, you felt a pair of big warm hands on your waist, slowly hugging you from behind so his hands were settled almost on the area that was hurting you. "I am sorry, babe" - he whispers while resting his head on your shoulder. "No, don’t tell me that. It isn’t the first time you do that" - you shout, trying to get away from his hug but he was stronger than you. "I know, and I am really sorry. And also, you’re not feeling really great, so why don’t sit on the living room and watch the movie that i prepared for you and eat some of your favourite ice cream? I’ll join you after I will clean up the mess I made" - he says and after you nod he kisses you passionately, making you forget about whatever made you upset that day. 

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hi Im glad you guys are back do you think you could a preference where you guys pretend to hate each other because you guys like like each other


hello! I think I already made that kind of preference, just that they are separate imagines for each boy. <3

hey i was wondering, mabye you could do a preference for what the boys do when your on your period?? <3 x


working on it honey <3

~Request: You and the boys do an interview together 

Harry: You were sitting next by Harry, his hand gently touching yours. It was the first time you were doing an interview together so you were really excited. The boys were making jokes, acting totally normal, unlike you. Harry looks at you for a second, and when the interviewers doesn’t pay attention he whispers into your ear. “Don’t be so nervous, you’re doing great” - after that he winks at you. “Save it for later!” - Louis  tells you two all loud and that made the interviewer ask you some couple questions. You haven’t expected that it will be so easy for you to talk about your relationship with Harry, but because he was next by you, holding your hand and smiling at you everytime you were talking, it gave you courage and when the interview was leaked, the fans were dying to see you in another of their interviews.

Liam: The boys were having an interview in U.K., and because you had to perform after their interview, you were sitting in the audience with the fans. Also, you were a fan of One Direction but it was your little secret. Your heart practically melted when Liam’s eyes were examinating you and when he smirked at you, your heart was beating faster than ever. A few more looks from Liam, and your cheeks were all red. “Being a little bit flirty, aren’t we?” - the interviewer asks Liam and then gives you a smile. Your eyes were facing the floor and your cheeks felt like they were really burning. The other boys give you a look, and they start to giggle as they recognize them. “Yeah, Liam sure was flirty” - Niall confirmed. A few more questions after that, the boys and the interviewer invited you to join them and after you agreed, Liam made sure that you will sit next by him. It was an amazing experience for you, because you could practically feel his beautiful eyes watching you while you were talking and the fans loved you two.

Louis: "The interview is going to start in a few minutes, Louis. We have to be calm and..and..stop laughing" - you say out of breath. Louis giggles and when he wants to say something, his manager intrerupts to tell you that you need to be on stage after a few minutes. As all six of you have settled on the huge sofa, Louis’ hand was placed around your waist and until the interview started his head was resting on your shoulder. As the interviewer starts talking, you and Louis tried your best to hold on into your laugh because the woman’s voice and accent were pretty funny. "If you want, you can have some jelly beans" - the woman says in her thick accent and with that, both you and Louis exploded into laugh. The woman was confused and all the other boys giggled, because before the interview, you and Louis have been warned about the way she was going to say "jelly beans" and you tried to make those words to sound funny but you never thought that they will ever sound like the way the interviewerd pronounced them. Since then, jelly beans used to be yours and Louis’ favourite words. 

Niall: "So Niall, it was your birthday recently. How did you spend it?" - the interviewer asks while taking a look at Niall and at the same time at you since you were sitting next by him, his hand nearly touching yours. "Yeah, my was really cool. I loved that I could spend some time with my family, my girlfriend. In the evening we went to play some golf and after that it was a little party" - Niall said after clearing his throat. "Golf you say? I heard that you have been playing a little bit lately. You must be good" - the interviewer compliments, but you cannot stop your giggle. Niall wasn’t very good at golfing, and he knew it. "Actually, he is pretty bad at golfing. Remember when your ball got stuck in the sand and you couldn’t get it out?" - you said, revealing his talent at golf. "Yeah, I got pretty stuck over there. But after that your ball also went in the sand" - Niall giggled and you both started talking about golfing,totally forgetting that you were in the middle of an interview. "Maybe Harry should give you some golf lessons" - Zayn suggests, ending the special atmosphere that was growing between you two.  "That’s actually a good idea!" - the interviewer agrees and you both blush as Harry give you his look when you guys go overboard with something. 

Zayn: Wearing a tank top and a short pair of high waisted jeans and some boots, you were sitting next by Zayn while an interview. It wasn’t the first time when Zayn’s hands were sneaking around your back, making slow circles around your waist. To your surprise, he was answering very calm to every question that he had, but you were totally a mess. He knew that his touch was totally driving you insane. When the interviewer didn’t pay attention to you two, you told him to stop teasing you but he only smirked. “I’m not doing anything, babe” - he whispered and kissed your nose. His hand finally rested near his legs, leaving you under a sweet pressure. But it was time for payback. You smirked for yourself and settled yourself better on the sofa so you were touching Zayn’s arm with yours. Finally, the interviewer asks you a question, and as you were responding, you placed your hand over Zayn’s leg, offering some sweet gently touching, but making sure not to go too far. As the interviewer finished talking with you, Zayn took your hand in his and you winked at him. “That’s payback” - you whisper to him and you hear the boys slowly coughing around you two. 

feedback would be really appreaciated and the request box is still open. I know that Liam’s the shortest but..yeah..the other 4 have almost the same lenght! <3 


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He writes you a letter 

Harry: "I remember when I was young, my mom kept telling me that when I will meet that special person for me, to treat her well, like nobody else could ever do. Her words were always whispering in my head everytime I was dating someone. But they didn’t have that something to make me go on with the relationship. When I was loosing hope, I met you. And instantly I got fascinated by you. By your giggles, your honesty, your eyes..practically everything. Little by little you made me realize that you had that something that I was always looking for. That something nobody else had. And when I realized that, I didn’t wany anybody else than you. Because, I am deeply in love with you."

Liam: "I have been wanting to write this letter a long time ago but because I am stubborn and I wanted to tell you this face to face I didn’t wrote it until now. Maybe sometimes you catch me staring at you, not saying a thing, just staring. I usually do that because I still can’t realize the fact that you are mine, that I finally found the person who completes me. You make me shiver, you make my heart race and you are the only person who made me feel all of these. You’re the only one that I really want, the only one that I really love with all my heart."

Louis: ”I don’t really know how a letter should start, but all I know is that I am going to write down here some of the feelings I own for you. I want to do that because I want you to remember about me after years, to rememeber all the moments we had together and all the inside jokes we share. Truth to be told, you made me realize what love tasted like. Until I met you I was fooled by something I thought that was love but it wasn’t. The chills you send down my spine, the butterflies that appear in my stomach everytime you touch me, I’ll never forget them just like I will never forget you. I love you, (Y/N). I love you endlessly.”

Niall: "I think this letter is going to surprise you when it is going to arrive in your mailbox. I mean, I know that I can always send you a text message but it wouldn’t be the same. Like it isn’t the same when I am on tour and we are seeing each other on skype. We both know that it is better when we are in front of each other. I am writing you this to tell you that I feel bad for all the hate that you receive from some of our fans. I love the way you are, the way your eyes sparkle when you are happy, the way your cheeks color when we are cuddling. I love the way I can talk with you about everything, how I can be me around you and you still love me. No matter what anybody will ever say, I love you and I always will. You’re perfect in front of me, sweetheart."

Zayn: Settle down with me/ Cover me up/ Cuddle me in/ Lie down with me/ Hold me in your arms… Lately, I’ve found myself listening to this song like crazy because it reminds me about you. The rythm, the lyrics, everything seems perfect because it describes the feelings I have for you. Everytime I kiss you, I feel like my whole body explodes in happiness, my stomach dies because of the huge amount of butterflies and my mind goes black. I recognize that you aren’t my first girlfriend, but I hope you will be my last one. But also you are the first person who made me feel like that. The first person who made me feel real love. The only person who could steal my heart like this. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to make me feel the way you do.”

hi guyss, remember me? please send some feedback about this imagine/preference if you would like (pleaaaaaseee). also the ask box is dying practically for some requests!

yeah,sorry for disappearing all of the sudden. I received some messages on ro-directioners asking about this imagine blog. It is still alive people, but I haven’t got the time to write any imagines because..ya know, school, summer/autumn.. and maybe because i got a little bit more social (hehe) 

love you guys and thanks for still following! <3

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Okai, I’ve been thinking about this for a while… 

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Also, i am almost finished with the request where you are leaving him because of college.
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